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Thin Skin - Swing Makeup Artist

All Good Things - Makeup Artist

Scrapper - Key Makeup/Hair
Nothing Against Life - Swing Makeup/Hair
The Catechism Cataclysm - Makeup
The Curse of Duncan Carbunkle - Key Makeup


Hitch Girl - Key Makeup
Signs Everywhere - Key Makeup/Hair

Tragically Oliver - Key Makeup/Hair
Housewife of the Year - Key Makeup/Hair
Maisie - Key Makeup/Hair
Carousel - Key Makeup/Hair
You're Faerie Welcome - Key Makeup/SFX
Tonight's Special - Key Makeup
Howard from Ohio - Key Makeup/Hair
Number of the Beast - Trailer - Key Makeup/Costume
The Last Chapter - Key Makeup
Mark of the Chosen - Trailer - Key Makeup
Teething - Key Makeup/Wardrobe
A Water Tale - Wardrobe/Make-up Assistant


Hunky Boys go Ding-Dong (TV Movie) - Key Makeup

Color TV - Swing Hair/Makeup

Raquetball - Swing Hair/Makeup

Frank Hardon: Life Coach - S.1 Ep. 5 - Key Makeup/Hair

JourneyQuest - S. 1 Ep. 9 & 10 - Makeup/ SFX


Project 60 - "Theatre Simple" - Key Makeup and Hair
Open Circle Theatre - "Arcana" - Costume Design
Pony World Theatre - "Big Story Small" - Costume and Make-up Design
Balagan Theatre - "Pippin" - Costume and Make-up Design
Balagan Theatre - "Marat/Sade" - Co-costume & Make-up Design



Watson's Nursery - "Holiday Tradition"

Watson's Nursery - "For Garden, For Home, For Living"

Amazon Student - "Dorm Room"

Amazon Student - "Road Trip"

Amazon Student - "Costume Kickball"

Microsoft - "Momentum"

Puget Sound Energy




Chastity Belt - "It Takes Time" - Key Makeup/Hair

Ryan Caraveo - "Wallowing" - Key Makeup/Hair

Spekulation "All the Soldiers" - Key Makeup/Hair

Iska Dhaaf - "Everybody Knows" - Key Makeup

Tomten - "Ta Ta Dana" - Key Makeup/Hair 

Brite Futures (Natalie Portman's Shaved Head)- "Too Young to Kill" - Makeup/Hair
Mt. St. Helen's Vietnam Band - "Gone Again" - Key Makeup and Hair
Mt. St. Helen's Vietnam Band - "Leaving Trails" - Key Makeup
Shannon Stephens - "Most Delicious Hours" - Makeup
Daniel Kamas - "Golden Hour" - Key Makeup


First for Women Magazine - December 2011 Issue

Seattle Met Magazine- Spring 2020 Issue


AAAS, Alaska Airlines, Amazon, Ann Taylor Loft, Argosy Cruise, Bellevue Fashion Week, Costco, Dex One, Dos Rios, Elemente Clemente, F5, First for Women Magazine, Herbivore Botanicals, IGOR, Luna Anne Photography, Mercedes Benz USA, Microsoft,

Miko Kuro's Midnight Tea, Miss Teen WA, Miss USA, Nordstrom, Puget Sound Energy, Royale, Saudia Airlines, Seattle Art Museum, SHAPE Magazine, Solavei, Starbucks, Sunset RV, Under Armour, Universal Standard, Westfield Southcenter, WNBA, Zulily


​Aaron Olivarez, Aidan Gillen, Alex Roldan, Brett Hargrave, Car Seat Head Rest (Band), Chromatography (Band), Christian Roldan, Corbin Bernsten, Danny Gokey, Derek Mears, Drew Faust, Emo Philips, François Locoh-Donou, Grant Goodeve, Hubert Joly, Joanna Angel, Kearia Schroeder, Kevin Nealon, Lynn Shelton, Marcus Trufant,

Michael Beach, Morgan Fairchild, Rachael Blanchard, Randy E. Aguebor,

Sierra Mccormick, Stephen Baldwin, Sue Bird, Tipper Newton​

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